Structured approach

Over 95% of our existing clients experience better than forecasted profit improvement.

How do we do it?

By using a methodology that enables our team to provide you with long-term, sustainable benefits:

Technical improvements - what gets done, by whom and how well. Improvements can relate to a single department or function, such as product assembly, or to cross-functional areas such as supply-chain management.

Behavioural changes - increased levels of management and employee engagement to continuously strive to be better than the competition.

Our four-phased structured approach has been proven to solve a multitude of client problems in a wide range of industries:

Initial consultation Analysis Development and implementation Perpetuation
  (2 weeks) (20-45 weeks) (up to 2 years)
  • Define needs
  • References
  • Communication
  • Schedule Analysis
  • Schedule project
  • Perform detailed studies
  • Evaluate and quantify
  • Define R.O.I.
  • Project strategy
  • Next steps


  • Define current position
  • Applied training
  • Process map
  • Process observation
  • Change management
  • Problem solving
  • Management systems
  • Behaviour modeling


  • Install system changes
  • Install process changes
  • Install management models
  • Coordinator development
  • Measure results
  • Ongoing audit
  • Upgrade systems
  • Monitor results
End of project review
When we leave, we ensure that our commitments, both financial and non-financial, have been achieved. In fact, so focused are we in meeting our commitments, 100% of our past clients act as future references.